Privacy Policy

1. General

For visiting our website from any country of the EU or the European Economic Area, the rules decided by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applied for processing of personal data.

The objective of this privacy policy is to fulfil our responsibility as a controller to inform data subjects about data protection. will adhere to all legal requirements for the collecting, processing, and use of your personal data, as set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). complies with its duties to notify data subjects about the methods and objectives of data processing, the legal basis for processing, the length of processing, and the data subjects' rights through this privacy policy.

In this privacy statement, we will tell you all you need to know about:

  • Who we are and how to get in touch with us?
  • This privacy policy applies to which of our goods and services.
  • What kind of personal data do we process, from what sources do we get data, for what purposes do we handle personal data, and on what legal basis do we treat personal data?
  • Who we disclose personal information to?
  • How long do we keep personal data?
  • Which rights you have in relation to the information we collect about you.

2. Controller & Scope provides a wide range of goods and services to its clients. When clients and users from the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA) use our services, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. is a Controller in the sense that it determines the aims and means of processing personal data in the context of delivering our services, as defined by Article 4 Lit 7 GDPR.

We've set up a single contact channel for all data protection requests to make it easier for you to reach out to us: Send us an email at if you have any questions.

You can find extensive information on how to exercise your data protection rights at Clause 7 of this Privacy Policy.

3. Data Types and Purpose


We do not process our customers' or service users' sensitive ('special') data. As a result, we do not collect or process any data that identifies a natural person's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, or trade union affiliation, as well as genetic data, biometric data used to uniquely identify a natural person, health data, or data about a natural person's sexual life or sexual orientation. We also don't handle information on criminal convictions and offences.

Information that we DO PROCESS

As described below, we process personal data that you supply us in connection with your registration on our website and usage of our services.

We acquire information (which may contain identifying information) from publicly available sources (as described in our Terms) via crawling the web in order to provide our services and in response to customer requests. The data is automatically extracted, processed, and arranged in this manner.

We may also acquire information about you from publicly available sources in some cases. Please note that no personally identifiable information will be included in any report or result that we send to our customers. Please see Clause 7 for your rights in relation to any personal data we may have acquired about you.

What Is the Purpose of Your Data Processing?

We keep the personal information you've supplied as well as the information we've gathered in our database. The objectives for which your personal data is processed, as well as the legal basis, are listed below.

Payments, E-mail, and Newsletter Services

Our newsletter keeps you informed about the newest news and goods from us. To sign up for our newsletter, we'll need a valid email address as well as extra information (first and last name) to verify that you own the email address and have given your agreement to receive it.

Your data will only be used to send you the newsletter and will not be shared with anyone else.

You have the ability to cancel or modify your permission to receive newsletters at any time. Each of our emails includes an unsubscribe option.

When a user pays for our service, we ask for their credit card information, which we do not keep on file. We send encrypted data to Stripe (, a third-party payment processor. Data is captured and sent in the following formats:

  • CVV and credit card number
  • Type of card
  • Date of expiry of the card.
  • City.
  • Address.
  • The postal code is also known as the ZIP code.
  • Country.
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (if applicable).

You may be required to supply money or other information in order to subscribe to our premium services. Billing information, for example, falls under this category. In conjunction with your use of the site and our services, we may collect other personal information such as demographic data and information about your interests and preferences. The following are the reasons for gathering this information:

  • To give you with suggestions or assistance on how to use our site and services, to notify you of new features on our site and services, or to provide you with other information that you may find useful.
  • To send out invoices, keep track of accounts, and collect and handle payments.
  • To customize your experience on our site to your interests and personalize the services we give to you.
  • If you have agreed to receive such information, we may send you e-mails, e-newsletters, tailored offers via direct messaging, or other messages regarding our services.
  • To administer our website and services, identify technical issues, improve content, and distribute system resources.
  • To analyze, identify, and safeguard and third parties from errors, carelessness, contract breaches, fraud, theft, and other illegal acts.
  • In the event of a sale, merger, spin-off, or other corporate restructuring, or if we go bankrupt or insolvent, the information is transferred or assigned to a third party as one of our business assets.
  • As authorized by and in accordance with any legal or regulatory rules or regulations, or for any other reason for which you have given your approval.
  • The information given above is kept as long as the user has a account.


We may release your Personal Information as follows from time to time:

  • To third-party service providers in order for them to provide services to us, such as payment processing or website maintenance and security.
  • As a result of the rendering of various aspects of the site and our services, we may use third-party services.
  • To defend our site and services, as well as our rights under our Terms of Service; to protect ourselves from liability or prevent fraudulent behavior; or if we feel it is required to allow us to seek available remedies or limit any damages that we may suffer.
  • In the event of a sale, merger, spin-off, or other corporate restructuring, or if we go bankrupt or insolvent, the information is transferred or assigned to a third party as one of our business assets.
  • Where the information is available to the general audience.
  • To our insurers, as well as regulatory and law enforcement authorities.
  • To comply with a subpoena or warrant issued by, or an order issued by, a court, person, or body that we think in good faith has power to compel the production of information, or to comply with any such court, person, or body's regulations related to the production of records.
  • If we think in good faith that disclosure of Personal Information to third parties is required by law, regulation, rule, or guideline.
  • To one or more people who require the information due to an emergency involving an identified individual or group's life, health, or security.
  • If we believe that disclosing Personal Information is essential to recover money owed to us, we will do so.

5. Who do we share your personal data with?

External processors' transmission

We only share data with third-party processors if we have a contract in place with them that complies with the legal criteria for data processing agreements. Personal data is only transferred if an adequate degree of data protection is assured.

6. Data Protection

To safeguard your data against unintentional or purposeful alteration, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorized parties, we utilize technological and organizational security measures. Our security measures are reviewed on a regular basis. The SSL technique is used for data processing and transfer (Secure Socket Layer).

7. Copyright - related Rights Subject

You have the following rights under data protection law:

  • Right to information - We will provide you with free information about the scope, origin, and recipients of your stored data, as well as the processing's purpose, upon request. For further details, please see the attached request. We retain the right to impose a fair replacement price in the event of excessive requests for information (more than four times per year).
  • Right to Error Correction - If we store any erroneous information despite our best efforts to keep it accurate and up-to-date, we will update it upon your request.
  • Deletion- Please notify us if you desire to have your personal data handled by us. We will try our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. You have the right to be forgotten under specific circumstances, such as when there is a discrepancy or when data has been processed improperly.
  • Limitation - For the grounds that support a deletion claim, you can also request restriction of data processing; in this case, the stored data must be kept (for example, for proof purposes), but it can no longer be used for other purposes.
  • Objection & Revocation- You have the right to object to the processing of your personal information and to withdraw your consent. You can also cancel your consent to data processing at any time and without charge in writing.
  • Data Portability - If you want to send your personal data to another person or controller, we'll send it to you in an electronic format.
  • Right to File a Complaint with a Data Protection Authority - If you believe that the processing of your personal data is in violation of this Regulation, you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in the Member State where you live, work, or where the alleged infringement occurred. You may also reach out to us directly at any time.

Please contact us by mail to claim your rights:

Alternatively, send an email to

We can only respond to inquiries if we have verification of your identification for the security of your personal data. Of course, we will only use your given papers to verify your identification and will remove them as soon as your request has been processed and fulfilled.

8. Cookie Policies

Cookies and related technologies ("cookies") are used on the Cookies are used to analyze user habits in order to enhance offerings over time. Furthermore, cookies may be used to customize adverts depending on a user's specific interests and usage histories.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text files that can be kept on a website visitor's computer or smartphone if the user's browser settings allow it. Information can be kept in these text files for later access by the website. Cookies are files that the browser keeps when surfing the internet that include information about the websites that the user has visited. We refer to cookies that are given by the domain that the website is hosted on as first-party cookies.

Third-party cookies are those that are placed on a website by a provider other than the website's controller. Such cookies are used by a third party, generally an advertiser, to keep track of a user's visits to all pages that display third-party adverts, including this one.

Cookies allow a user to be recognized when they return to a website, and may thus be used to ensure that a user does not have to log in to a website again after logging in the first time. Furthermore, cookies can be used to store and send information about a user's browsing habits. Cookies are used to improve the quality of services by storing user preferences, recommending content and search results, and tracking user patterns, among other things. As a consequence, the effectiveness of digital platforms may be assessed, and useful information about user demands can be gathered. This data allows us to improve the quality of our digital platforms even further.

Individual cookies can be examined and removed (for more details, see the following chapters). Additionally, by selecting the relevant browser settings, users can deactivate cookies on a worldwide basis. uses which cookies?

Session Cookies - On our website, we utilize session cookies. Insofar as these cookies are used to gather data to begin or conduct contractual agreements, the legal basis for such processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. B) GDPR. Our legitimate interest in improving the operation of our website if the processing does not serve to create or process a contract. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. F) GDPR becomes the legal foundation. Most of the time, "Session-Cookies" are utilized, which only persist for the duration of your browser session and are destroyed when you shut it.

Third-Party Cookies - Our website may also utilize cookies from third-party organizations with which we collaborate for the purposes of advertising, analytics, or improving the functionality of our website. Please see the following information for further information, including the legal basis and purpose of such third-party data collection and processing via cookies. On, the following third-party cookies are used:

  • Google Analytics
  • Quora Analytics
  • Tracking on Facebook (remarketing)
  • LinkedIn remarketing (tracking) (remarketing)
  • Google AdWords Tracking (remarketing)

Please note that due to technological limitations, the list of these cookies cannot be 100% full.

Cookie Management & Deletion - If you want to block first-party cookies or any other third-party cookies, we recommend doing so worldwide through your browser's settings. Cookies can be blocked or removed using browser settings. However, in this scenario, it's probable that not all of our website's features will be fully functional. The following are steps for managing and deleting cookies in your browser:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

Analytics For Target Group Segmentation Profiling employs technologies to assess how its websites are being used, allowing us to create a visual map of visitors' movements. This study will be utilized to improve the quality of services in the future. Cookies are also utilized for the aforementioned analysis so that users may be recognized on their next visit.

Conversions from Google AdWords

To draw attention to our appealing offerings, we employ Google AdWords. We can assess the effectiveness of individual advertising measures using data from our advertising efforts. We want to show you adverts that are relevant to you in order to make our website more appealing to you and to ensure that advertising costs are fairly calculated.

Google provides these advertising content through so-called "ad servers." We achieve this by employing ad server cookies, which track performance indicators like user clicks. Google AdWords will save a cookie on your computer or smartphone if you visit our website via a Google ad. These cookies normally expire after 30 days and are not used to track your personal information. The unique cookie ID, number of ad impressions per placement (Frequency), final impression (important to post-view conversions), and opt-out information are commonly used in this cookie.

These cookies enable Google to identify your web browser. If a user visits particular pages of an advertiser's website while their cookie is still active, Google and the customer may see that the user clicked on the ad and was routed to that page. A unique cookie is provided to each advertisement. Advertisers' websites do not allow cookies to be monitored. For such purposes, we do not collect or handle any personal data. Only Google's statistics evaluations are sent to us. We can determine which of the advertising measures utilized is particularly effective based on these evaluations. We do not obtain any further information from the usage of the advertisements; in particular, we are unable to identify the users on the website.

You have many options for avoiding involvement in this tracking process:

  • You can avoid getting third-party adverts by setting your browser software properly, particularly by suppressing third-party cookies.
  • By configuring your browser to prevent cookies from the domain ",", and deleting this option when you erase your cookies.
  • By disabling interest-based adverts from providers participating in the "About Ads" self-regulation campaign through the link, with this setting being removed when your cookies are deleted.
  • Permanent deactivation using the link in your browser Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome. We would like to remind out that you may not be able to use all of the advantages of this offer in this scenario.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a web analytics tool offered by Google Inc. ("Google"), is used on our website. Cookies are used by Google Analytics to identify website visitors. The Google Analytics cookie sends and stores the visitor use data it collects to Google servers in the United States. The information gathered on behalf of the is used by Google to assess your usage of this website and to compile reports on website activity.

By enabling IP anonymization, Google will abbreviate its IP address in advance within European Union member states or other European Economic Area Agreement contracting nations. Google Analytics' IP anonymization procedure sets the final octet of IPv4 user IP addresses to zero, and the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses to zero. As a result, the Google-acquired IP address can no longer be traced back to a specific address or person. The anonymized IP address given will not be combined with other Google data.

The storage of cookies can be limited or eliminated using web browser settings. In the section "Cookies," you can learn how this works and what difficulties it could cause.

You can also opt out of the collection of data created by the Google cookie and connected to your usage of the website, such as your IP address. Google supplies a browser plug-in for this purpose, which you must install in your browser software:

10. Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. The use of your data is governed by the most recent version of our Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

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