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The ability to run our queries on Amazon's infrastructure via Collections was a game changer for us. The handles about 90,000 queries every day.

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You can perform up to 13,000 Requests in a single batch using various APIs. You can develop them manually or by using Collections API.

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Scalable Design

You may use collections to enhance a large number of requests and have execute them regularly. Collections take the burden out of big amounts of Amazon Product Data and allow you to focus on the outcomes.


Importing Bulk Data

Import requests from CSV files with ease - Collections make it simple to import existing request criteria from internal tools or outdated systems. A comprehensive API for generating and importing Collections is also available.


Schedule Collections make it easy to schedule requests to perform on a regular basis. Set Collections run every hour, every day, every week, or every month which is ideal for creating tracking apps and tracking outcomes over time.

Developing High-Scale Amazon Product Data Scraping API

There's an API for that.

Are you looking to develop apps that require access to large amounts of Amazon Product Data? Without any maintenance expense, use the Collections API to programmatically generate, execute, and get responses from hundreds of thousands of queries.

Collections API

The Collections API allows you to create Collections, add requests to them, establish execution schedules, and obtain results. Deliver high-volume Amazon Product scraping data applications and leave the details to the

When Collections are complete, the delivers an HTTP POST to your app. You will not have to wait for progress updates since you'll be alerted as soon as the Collection findings are ready to be ingested into your app.

Fetch Results

Get the results of a Collection as JSON, JSON Lines, or CSV (you may choose which CSV fields to include). will save results for 14 days so you can download them whenever you require.


Visual Collection API Developer

The Collections API provides you an authority when it comes to creating large-scale Amazon product data scraping apps, but we also have a visual Collection API Builder that lets you get started without scripting.

Visually Create Collections

In a matter of minutes, you will be fully operational. From the Dashboard, you can construct API collections, add Requests, and get results using our easy visual Collection Developer.

Exceptional Flexibility

Create as many Collections as you need, and each Collection may hold up to 15,000 requests. Receive email or webhook notifications when a collection is completed, and download the results as JSON or CSV.

Everything You Require

Set request parameters, schedules, and use all of the advanced request query features available through the Product Data API with the Collection Builder.

Collections FAQ

1. What is the maximum number of Collections I can create?

At any given moment, your account can contain up to 10,000 Collections. When providing tracking services many users construct a Collection per-customer to track that customer's Amazon product data scraping over time.

2. How are collection fees calculated?

Creating, editing, and removing Collections are all free. Collections deplete your monthly request quota in the same way that calls to the Product Data API do.

3. What alternatives do you have for scheduling?

Collections can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, or any combination of the above. You could, for example, schedule a Collection to run at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. every day, or at 9 a.m. on the 1st of each month.

4. How Will I get API collection results?

Collection results will be available for downloading using the Dashboard, or the collections API. Results will be available as JSON or CSV and it will be also possible to mention the columns included within the CSV.

5. What are the Number of requests per Collection?

Up to 15000 request per Collection are allowed. For large projects, we suggest you to split the requests across various collections. There are also clients who run over 10 million requests per day by using various collections.

6. How long are the results of the Collection kept?

The results of Collection runs (called Result Sets in -terminology) are stored for 14 days by Within the 14-day period, you can download result sets as many times as you need.

7. How will I know when a Collection is finished? may send you an email or an HTTP POST to a webhook on your infrastructure when a Collection completes and fresh result sets become available for download.

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